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After nearly a year of hunting and searching for a studio / workshop to call my own,  one finally dropped in my lap! I now call Edinburgh Palette at St Margaret's House my home (well, office I guess even though sometimes I might like to spend the night...) Oh, and it has a sink with hot and cold running water. A sink!

By the end of August I was moved in after spending a full weekend painting the walls followed by another one buying and building IKEA furniture... it really is a love / hate relationship with that place right? I'll also be forever grateful to my friends who helped a car-less lady out driving me between my home and the studio with boxes upon boxes upon boxes of equipment, ingredients, etc.

By the beginning of September I was actually making my first batches. Oh! What a new experience! All my ingredients at arms reach, a standing workbench (so it's good for my back too) and, I'm not sure I mentioned this yet - a sink! Maybe not everyone will understand how gleefully exciting this was. My own sink, right there in the room. No walking up and down corridors with waxy, oily equipment, no lugging things between rooms - all just there, right in my own little happy place.

Behind The Scenes - first batch set up

Behind The Scenes - first batch set up

I was also lucky enough to take part in the LeithLate Open Studio event on Saturday 12 September. It was great to get the chance to chat to lots of new people and invite them into my (work in progress) space to check it out.

I still have some work to do in there, I'll definitely need some more storage units, but it's getting there and it's all mine. Next step is to buy some comfy furniture so I can invite people in for cups of tea... *searches gumtree for a mid-century armchair*

Peace and Love
Lucy x

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