Balancing Face Oil

An oil for oily skin?

Yes. That's right.

Do you suffer from combination skin? Still get break-outs? Ugh. Well stop worrying! We're here to help.

Our Balancing Face Oil is ideal for combination & acne prone skin... but it won't dry your skin out, in fact it's still pretty hydrating and nourishing.

Here are just some of the incredible ingredients you'll find inside each bottle and why we think they're so damn good for ya.

As with our Nourishing Face Oil, you'll find Jojoba + Rosehip Seed + Evening Primrose oils - but to help those pesky break-outs check these out: 

St John's Wort Flower Extract (with Sunflower Seed Oil)
A beautifully dark reddish colour, the hypericum, or St John's Wort flowers are macerated in organic sunflower oil, which is high in oleic acid. An ideal oil for sensitive skin, it soothes irritations and generally has calming properties. When applied topically to mild burns, bruises, wounds and sores it will calm and heal.

Meet your new best friend! Derived from olive oil it has a lovely light weight texture and is absorbed quickly by the skin. It's effective at providing a natural feeling moisturisation while also having emollient characteristics, meaning it will soften and soothe the skin without irritation - all without leaving you with an oily, greasy residue. 

Borage Seed Oil (also known as Starflower)
A lovely "dry & thin" oil, it is absorbed quickly by the skin and is exceptionally high in Gamma Linolenic Acids (GLA) which helps to combat skin dryness and loss of suppleness. It has the highest concentration of GLA found naturally in any plan source; these Omega-6 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, including that caused by acne. Its ant-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the swelling and redness of acne

Acai Fruit Oil + Andiroba Seed Oil
These two precious oils (which have been used traditionally by people from the Amazon Basin) are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, environmental damage while also regenerating and moisturising the skin. Benefits include: calming acne, smoothing pimples, tackling wrinkles, preventing eczema - all while penetrating quickly, so they go to work fast!

Essential Oils:
We've blended a fresh and fragrant mix of bergamot + lavender + frankincense essential oils. These oils are antiseptic, calming and skin healing.


You can use this oil both morning and night after cleansing. Measure out 4-8 drops and simply massage over your face

Ideal for:
People with combination skin, who occasionally get dry patches and still suffer from frustrating bouts of acne

Size: 30ml + 10ml