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As a recently enrolled student in the Organic Skincare Formulation course at Formula Botanica, it was with immense pleasure that I was asked to be included in their blog post “Change Your Career by Taking an Online Skincare Course”

“The start of march sees us kick off our Formula Botanica ‘Women’s Month’ with a focus on women’s careers. We take a look at just how empowering it can be to change your career by taking an online skincare course…”

See below for a teeny bit of information about Lucy Cardwell, Lucky Cloud Skincare Founder & Director:

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Wanna know more about Formula Botanica?

The word’s largest online organic formulation training school. Award winning online skincare & haircare formulation courses.

Founded in 2012 with an initial aim of delivery professional quality distance learning in organic skincare formulation to anyone in the world. They are now the “gold standard” for professional online learning in organic cosmetic formulation

formula botanica brings together professional organic skincare formulation, botanical research and training

Having taught thousands of students in over 125 countries around the world, Formula Botanica has a friendly, global team of educators and student advisers who look after the online community

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