Don't Block Your Pores!



We all want clear, soft, smooth skin. Right? Then read on you gorgeous thing you!


Something NO ONE wants is clogged up pores. Yuck.

Blackheads, acne, whiteheads - they can all be caused by blocked pores. Along with dry & dead skin cells, general dirt and grime, one of the biggest causes of this frustrating skin concern are the oils you use on your skin.

Every oil & butter has a COMEDOGENIC rating. Hang on... "a what rating?" I hear you ask? Simply put, a comedogenic (koh-med-o-gen-ic) rating is how likely an ingredient is to clog your poor little pores...

Now there's a lot of science behind these ratings - and it takes in to consideration the fatty acids and how they react / effect your skin. While we're far from experts here, we've compiled a little cheat sheet so you can double check an ingredient before you try a new product!

Happy reading!

Peace & Love

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