Colours and Carousels: Product Review

Lucky Cloud Skincare

It's around this time of year that you'll usually find me panic buying all sorts of skincare in preparation for the harsh winter weather. Whilst I do have my year in, year out favourites I'm always keeping an eye out for new products and brands to try, so when I was offered the chance to try out some skincare from Edinburgh-based Lucky Cloud I jumped at it.

Lucky Cloud sell a range of handmade, vegan & cruelty-free skincare with all of their products being made in small batches, using only the best hand picked ingredients to ensure the best outcome.

The founder, Lucy Cardwell, started her journey by making lip balms in her kitchen, but her experiences with dry skin led her on to test out body products too. This definitely caught my attention, as I've had similar experiences with my own skin and figured that Lucy must really know what she's doing!

Lucky Cloud were kind enough to send me three products to review, a body butter, body milk and a cocoa lip butter. The products contain zero parabens, SLS, formaldehydes or mineral oils and are made with your skin in mind. You'll only find the best, most nourishing ingredients in their skincare range, with a big focus on natural botanical extracts.