Tartan Brunette: Product Review

Lucky cloud skincare

As you guys know I’m getting more and more interested in cruelty-free and natural skincare. So when Lucky Cloud Skincare got in touch to see if I wanted to try out some of their products I was keen to see if a cruelty-free, vegan skincare product could compete against my existing products.

Lucky Cloud Skincare is a local brand making their products right here in Edinburgh. One of their biggest selling points is that all their products are handmade in small batches, using specially chosen, quality raw materials which are all plant based to create moisture-rich, nourishing and soothing products for your skin. Nothing is tested on animals and all ingredients are vegan-friendly and ethically sourced.

Lucky Cloud products contain no parabens, no formaldehyde, no sodium lauryl sulphates, and no mineral oil. Lucky Cloud aims to create products that are truly natural which don’t irritate or harm your body or the environment.