Clean Beauty Collection: 4 Facial oils to get you through winter

Clean Beauty Collection: 4 Facial Oils to get you through Winter

Here’s a quick reminder in case you missed the memo: we’re obsessed with oils. I mean, we’d be silly not to, especially since we’ve seen the life-changing results that come with making best use of nature’s elixirs! They’re healing, hydrating, soothing, nourishing, anti-pollutant, antibacterial and anti-acne….what’s not to love?

I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say that nothing feels better than calm, happy, perfectly-balanced skin, so let’s march on to discover the team’s best-loved oils for this season…

Oily Skin: Lucky Cloud Balancing Facial Oil
When I read the label of Lucky Cloud’s Balancing Oil I was instantly sold. It literally sounded like it was made for my skin. Suitable for combination skin, with anti-acne and scar healing properties. With an ingredients’ list packed full of lightweight oils including calendula, squalane, rosehip and more, I was super keen to give it a whirl.

Although Lucky Cloud recommended using it every morning and night after cleansing, my wary side steered me towards just once every night after a nice cleanse and bit of moisturiser, as I didn’t want my skin to be too oiled up. The oil smelt like a dream and was perfect before bedtime with its soothing lavender scent – who needs a spa when all you need is some facial oil?

A good few weeks of this later resulted in softer, plumper skin, that feels much more calmed and balanced. Although the scar healing claims have yet to really shine through, it looks promising and I’m definitely sticking around to see the long-term effects!

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Thank you so much CBO team! We're so please you loved our Balancing Face Oil