Urbanity Blog: Oil Cleansing Method for Combination Skin

Oil Cleansing Method for Combination skin with Lucky Cloud

Does the famed Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) work for people like me with combination skin- not too dry or too oily, just always stubbornly spotty and uneven? Lucky Cloud Skincare used me as a guinea pig to find out!

My verdict

I, like many, had doubts starting the oil cleansing method, because I had always thought it would make my skin greasy seeing as usually, I stick to micellar water and light moisturisers. However, after 3 weeks of using the Nourishing Cleansing Balm daily and the Balancing Face Oil every two days, my skin has not felt greasy at all, simply more moisturised and cleaner! So good news for combination skin peeps like me; no need to fear an oily face!

"...the actual process felt much more gentle and more luxurious, especially with a hot muslin cloth at the start to open the pores, and of course, it being Lucky Cloud, the products smelt absolutely gorgeous. The best part about this brand- apart from it being based right here in Edinburgh and run by the lovely Lucy Cardwell- is that every formula is 100% natural, meaning its kind to sensitive skin! This oil and balm are jam packed with skin loving vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids, and best of all, they are vegan and cruelty-free!"

The theory: oil dissolves oil.
olive oil was rubbed in to skin, which loosened dirt and grime

Read the full review here!

Thank you so much Ruth! Thanks for trying out an unusual pairing of products for your combination skin!