Christmas 2018 [last order dates]

Festive 2018.jpg

Last Order Dates

Yep, it's that time again!

The Festive Season is knocking on the door and we're all going to start running around like crazy trying to get everything done in time... so, to help with your present buying, here are our last order dates to make sure your incredibly thoughtful gift arrives in time to be put under the tree!

Make sure you place your order with us by the dates listed below:

1st Class -
Wednesday 19 December
2nd Class - Tuesday 18 December

Belgium, France, Ireland & Luxembourg - Sunday 16 December

Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, - Thursday 13 December
Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland

Finland & Sweden - Thursday 13 December

Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland & USA - Wednesday 12 December

Greece, Turkey, Australia & New Zealand - Thursday 6 December

Caribbean, Central & South America - Thursday 6 December

Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Eastern Europe - Friday 4 December

Africa & Middle East - Friday 30 November