5 tips to prevent "Maskne"

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Maskne?

Maskne, a term we’ve all become familiar with over the last few months, is one of the most common lock-down skin concerns.

Your spots are caused by friction due to the rubbing and pressure of the mask material, pores clogging due to excess sebum, make-up, dirt and sweat.

This rubbing against your skin can cause irritation which leads to breakouts on the lower half of your face. And the sweat, let’s not forget to mention the sweat. Because the skin is “blocked” and “closed off” from fresh air and mixed in with your breath and bacteria from your mouth, the skin can get inflamed.

Having to wear masks frequently or for long periods of time can lead to worse breakouts, an oily face and even soreness from chafing

1. Clean your Mask // Change your Mask
If you’re not washing your mask (or you’re re-using a disposable), your maskne is likely to be exacerbated.

So, the first and best ways to protect your skin from unwanted breakouts is to make sure that the mask your donning each day is clean.

If you’re using a disposable version, even changing them throughout the day can help (this is obviously not the most environmentally friendly option).

A fabric, reusable one more your style? Ace, then make sure you’re cleaning it daily.

It doesn’t have to be done in a washing machine either; handwashing is fine. Why not make this part of your nightly routine?

2. Reduce friction
To reduce the friction and chaffing, try to find a mask that fits your face properly. Whether that’s one that has adjustable straps, is big (or small) enough for your face, or is just a softer material, it’s worth investing in the perfect one for you.

3. Avoid picking and touching your face
I know it’s tempting to pick those spots. But the best thing you can do is leave them alone.

Right now, we’re being told to stop touching our faces as much as possible, so it’s worth having a word with yourself.

Touching your face transfers oils (and dirt) from your hands & fingers to your face. It can also make the appearance of your acne worse. Red, inflamed and super obvious.

4. Cleansing your skin
Obviously you’re washing your face morning & night already right?

It’s even more important if you’ve got the dreaded maskne.... Stick with gentle cleansers; that are anti-inflammatory. The Balancing Cleansing Balm is your best friend here. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, while still giving your pores a deep clean.

Massaging onto dry skin, it will dissolve the days sweat,

bacteria, make-up. Remove with a warm, wet face cloth and you’ll be left with soft, fresh skin. Wearing a lot of make-up and spf? Do a double cleanse. Your face will thank you.

5. Support the Skin Barrier

Give your skin all the help it can get and follow your cleansing with a facial oil. 

Balancing Facial Oil will lock in moisture while creating a barrier and reducing redness and inflammation. Non greasy, the oil absorbs quickly while repairing skin cells. Apply morning and night for extra support.