Lucky Cloud Skincare


Hiya I’m Lucy; welcome to Lucky Cloud Skincare my natural, vegan friendly skincare brand.

Since launching in 2015 Lucky Cloud has gone on to become a multi award-wining brand with products that are planet and skin friendly (yay)!

the founder

maker & owner


first & foremost

The products I create must be efficacious to improve and maintain overall skin health. DIY skincare is fun and accessible to all, but when it comes to finding a skincare brand you can trust that uses high performance, natural ingredients you need to turn to an expert.


Don’t just take my word for it! Lucky Cloud has been recognised and awarded numerous accolades for both brand and individual products. Here are just a few



Products are all formulated (by me) and manufactured (by me) right here in the UK. More specifically, Edinburgh, Scotland. Everything is handmade in small batches, so there is quality control and minimal waste. From the initial spark of a new product through to development, testing and the finished item it’s all handled in the one place – my Edinburgh workshop.


Skincare packaging is so important, it’s what you see first, it’s what you hold in your hand and it’s what houses your beautiful products! The containers used must be durable and suitable.

I’ve chosen amber glass bottles and jars to protect the often-delicate ingredients inside, meaning your skincare lasts longer. The dark amber colour provides UV protection for the contents, which prevents photo-oxidation and degradation of your product.

Being infinitely recyclable and reusable, the amber bottles and jars give your skincare a luxurious, modern apothecary feel that’s kind to the planet

Gone are the plastic lids! I’ve replaced as many of the plastic lids as possible with easy to recycle aluminium versions. When your product is finished, simply separate the lid from the jar or bottle and recycle.

*Facial Oil bottles still come with a glass, plastic & rubber pipette as default. You can select an aluminium lid for your refills though

Why bother with excess packaging that you’re just going to chuck into the recycling bin? Everything you need to know can fit onto the container itself, so I’ve kept it that way.

I’ve waved goodbye to one of the last types of plastic you normally find on a skincare product. The labels. Using a new material that’s made from a sugar cane bi-product (which is normally chucked out) the labels now come from upcycled materials!


Last and by no means least, each ingredient is chosen for its specific properties that help, improve and feed your skin. No fillers, no one stop shop for all skin types and no limitations on the number per product. Each ingredient must provide outstanding benefits to your skin otherwise there’s no point.


You can read more about each ingredient I use over here and of course, you’ll find hero ingredient info on each product page. Transparency is key in everything I do.