Avocado Oil


With our new Nourishing Face oil hitting bathrooms across the country we thought we'd start taking a closer look at some of the ah-mazing raw plant oils we use.

First up is the mighty Avocado Oil - also known as Persea Gratissima Oil (its Latin name)

On it's own, the oil is a stunning green, but is slightly diluted when added to other oils.

Avocado oil is produced by pressing the flesh of the avocado "pear" through a cold press system, which preserves all of it's lovely natural fatty acids.

Check out the info-graphic here => for some of it's incredible benefits for our skin!


What does this mean? Have a looky at our recent blog post all about Comedogenic Ratings here. Avocado Oil is given a rating of 2, a low score on the rating system, meaning there's a pretty low chance of it blocking your pores and encouraging blackheads. YAY!

Lucky Cloud Skincare Avocado Oil

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