COVID-19 Business As Usual

24 March 2020

Hi lovely, how you doing today? I hope you’re keeping your head above water, staying safe and feeling positive.

With the newest updates from the Government last night basically stating we’re now in lock-down I wanted to share with what this means for you and your skincare routine

Last week I decided to set up a temporary Lucky Cloud Skincare HQ at home, so I could fulfil online orders while also social distancing.

At the moment Post Offices remain open, so I will continue to post your parcels

However, in order to make sure I limit my contact with anyone I will be reducing post office drops to once a week // these will also be combined with other activities such as daily exercise or food shopping.

I’ve been recording updates on instagram too - check out my COVID-19 highlights to stay in the loop.

 Stay safe and take care of each other.
If you have any questions at any point, please just send me an email!

Lucy xo