How Clean Are Your Make-Up Brushes?!

Quick question… when was the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes?

* crickets *
It’s actually more often than you might think… we should be cleaning brushes and utensils every 7 to 10 days !

But why?
Ok, so take a second to think about what’s on those brushes… the build up of make-up particles, dust and dirt from your make-up bag, excess sebum (that’s your skins natural moisturiser) and dead skin cells.

All of the above is a breeding ground for bacteria… Now imagine wiping that all back onto your clean face… ugh… it’s an ideal way to increase congestion, break-outs, irritation. Not only that but some people say it can accelerate the ageing process…

It really doesn’t take that long to wash ‘dem brushes - have a watch for super quick demo to give your brushes a new life. I used an off cut of my Clean & Pure Unscented Soap Bar - being essential oil free, it will be gentle on the bristles.

1. Wet
Rinse your brushes under running water to dampen bristles. Make sure to hold down so the water doesn’t run into the base of the brush

2. Wash
Using a gentle soap, create a lather wash those germs and make-up away

3. Swirl
In clean water, give your brushes a swirl to get rid of soap and any left over make-up. Still not clean enough? Repeat the steps until water runs clean

4. Dry
After giving each brush a good squeeze to rid excess water, lie them down flat (or on a slight downward angle). You don’t want to stand them up, coz if water runs into the base, it can damage the brush

Et voila ! Clean, soft and dirt free brushes!

Give it a go and let me know how amazing your brushes feel!
Lucy xo

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