Hunt for Happiness 😃

What makes you happy?

January can feel like the longest month of the year; after the lead up to and festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year a lot of people come crashing back down to normal life in January.

The weather is cold, there are less festive fairy lights twinkling in our homes and January also has Blue Monday*, which is supposed to be the Most Depressing Day of The Year 😢 add in to this mix the fact that we've been living with the pandemic now for nearly two years, it's totally understandable that you might be feeling a bit low 

But, have you heard of the Hunt for Happiness week?!

It's the last week of January that encourages you to take a closer look at what you define as happiness and how you can bring a little bit more joy and pleasure into your life!

*although it's said that Blue Monday was invented by travel companies to sell more holidays...

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to find your happy:

1. Who brings you joy? 

Who are the people in your life that bring you happiness?
That really get you?
Make you laugh? 
Who gives you support and a shoulder no matter what?

Get in touch with them! Say hello, organise a coffee date, or a walk together. Or grab a bottle of wine and share how you're feeling with them

2. What brings you joy?

What are some easy things to start doing daily that bring you joy? 
Scroll down for some excellent ideas

3. Are you keeping active?

Exercise releases endorphins. We all know that.
But you don't need to become a gym bunny overnight...
Take a walk around the block, walk to work (if you're not WFH), dance to your favourite song

4. Your Simple Pleasures

What are your simple pleasures? Sometimes its the smallest things that bring us so much joy! So I went to the Lucky Cloud community and asked for your ideas! 

Posting a poll on Instagram as to what makes you happy and what gives you joy - here's what you said!

See anything you hadn't thought of?! Give it a go this weekend!