4 Exclusive Sales for Savvy Shoppers to Prepare for the Festive Season



As we race through the year and thoughts start turning towards the winter months you might be feeling a bit stressed. It's feeling tough out there at the moment isn't it? There's a lot of heaviness in the air and I know a lot of you are feeling worried about the coming months and the cost of living increases.

To help spread the cost of the (sorry, I'm going to say it) festive season, I've decided to do a month of secret sales🎄

Starting in October there will be FOUR special, secret, exclusive deals (have I hyped it too much 😉)

Each week you'll be sent a new deal - think exclusive bundles, freebies and extra discounts all designed to make gifting this year as stress free as possible.

Here's the fun part. You'll need a special password or code each week. And they'll only be shared with the lovely newsletter community. 

So if you're not signed up, make sure you do ASAP!

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