The Sunshine Series 03

Welcome to Part Three of the Sunshine Series!
Didn't see the first two parts? Catch up now! Part One & Part Two look at the following topics:

  • Sun Rays
    Hand held up to sky with sunbeams shining through fingers
  • Sun Damage
  • How to Protect Your Skin
  • SPF numbers
  • Natural vs Traditional Sunscreen
  • Reef Friendly Ingredients 

So, on to new stuff...


We all need vitamin D… it helps keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy, boosts our immune system and more.

Some people think that the only way our bodies can convert the UV rays into Vit D is from unprotected sun exposure. But that’s not true. Studies have shown that people who do use sunscreen daily still maintain their vitamin d levels.

And of course, it you’re worried – there’s always supplements!


While you obviously can’t repair permanent damage to your skin (aka skin cancer), if you do happen to stay out in the sun for a bit longer than expected or forget to re-apply your sunscreen in time you may experience some mild sunburn. Here are my top tips to treating burned skin:

🌸 Get out of the sun. As soon as you feel your skin beginning to burn, get our of the sun
🌸 Cool down. Jump into a cool shower or bath to begin the cooling process. You can also use a cool compress
🌸 Reduce inflammation. If it’s feeling painful, take some anti-inflammatory pain relief
🌸 Keep skin hydrated. Remember when I said that the sun depletes the essential fatty acids in your skin? Let’s topically apply them! 

Best for the Body:

An open jar of Hydrating Super Balm; a multipurpose skin balm for dry and damaged skin

💗Soothing Super Balm

🧡Hydrating Super Balm

Best for the Face:
💛Nourishing Facial Oil

💜Balancing Facial Oil

🌸 Take a nap. Umm, not sure if there’s any scientific evidence here, but being outside in the sun leaves me feeling sleepy, so I advocate naps for all


Oki Doki, so I promised you some product recommendations!


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