this is how you should actually be recycling your containers

The beauty industry is said to be responsible for 30-40% of landfill

waste. According to research we recycle approx. 90% of our kitchen waste, while only half of us apply the same principle to our bathroom products *


Wow – that’s bonkers right?!

When it comes to recycling your bathroom products, do you give it as much consideration as items from the kitchen?

I have another question for you… have you heard of wishcycling??

Wishcycling is putting something in the recycling bin and hoping it will be recycled, even if there is little evidence to confirm this assumption. Hope is central to wishcycling

It’s a relatively new term, whereby we chuck everything into the recycling bin

and hope for the best. I must admit, I’ve been known to do this in the past.

There are so many different types of recyclable material with different symbols that mean different things. And that’s before you know which bins you should be using, or whether or not you need to clean and remove labels…ARGH!

You want to do the right thing for the planet right? But HOW can you when

there’s so much confusion out there 😫

Screw that!

Here’s how you should be recycling or reusing your Lucky Cloud Skincare containers!


Don't forget that we have lid options for the Facial Oils!

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