To Black Friday or Not to Black Friday… the BIG question


Each year the biggest sales weekend of the year falls on the last Friday of November (aka Black Friday / aka the day after Thanksgiving) and continues throughout the weekend, finishing up on what is now called Cyber Monday (aka the Monday after Black Friday)



Lucky Cloud is an eco-conscious brand and business. But you knew that already right? I mean, that’s probably one of the reasons you’re here. That and the incredible skincare too obvs…


As a values driven brand, Black Friday, has well, always left a bit of left a bit of bad taste in my mouth.

When asked “are you doing a Black Friday sale?” it always made me wrinkle my nose and shake my head…

Why not?
Well, it’s such a consumerist shopping event.

Thousands of bargain hunters, shoving and pushing each other to score a TV at 100% off or something. Yes, that’s terrible maths I know… but the frenzy that Black Friday stirs up sort of feels like that doesn’t it?


Why is Black Friday Unsustainable & Unethical?

  • It encourages excessive consumption
  • It encourages disposable shopping aka cheap consumption
  • It encourages impulse buying aka thoughtless consumption
  • There's a frenzied, mob mentality shopping style
  • Often unprofitable for the businesses
  • Hurts the small independent businesses, who are unable to match the ridiculous % off sales


Different Approaches
Lots of businesses (big & small) choose to address this Black Friday dilemma in different ways:

  • Some speak out early stating they will NOT be taking part / ie keeping their prices the same
  • Some decide to donate to charity
  • Others encourage you to make zero purchases on the day at all
  • And apparently some even raise their prices to prevent impulse shopping


Okay, so by now you’re probably thinking “cool, that’s great Lucy, we get your point...
You’re not doing a Black Friday sale”


WRONG…  What?!

You read that right. Lucky Cloud Skincare will be participating. For the first time, in a Black Friday sale! Here's why:

  1. Every time a Lucky Cloud product reaches a new person, they might be converted into a loyal, loving customer, meaning even just one more natural, vegan friendly & plastic free skincare product replacing a mainstream, plastic one. That is a good thing!

  2. The discount offered is manageable and fully absorbed by the company / aka me. You won’t find any 70% + discounts round here. Soz

  3. 2020… I mean, come on it’s been one hell of a year… if there was ever a year where we all needed a little pick-me-up / some self-care dedication / or a few more pennies in our pockets… it's this year...

  4. This year Black Friday falls on my birthday… and well, the celebrations are going to be minimal this year (wahhh). So instead, let’s celebrate with a SALE



As well as giving you guys the discounts, every sale will go towards a charity donation.

Check out Work for Good and see our profile here.

10% of ALL sales over the Black Lucky Friday period will be donated to  Bumblebee Conservation Trust too! 

"Bumblebees are iconic, charismatic and play a vital role by pollinating our crops and native wildflower species. However, since the 1930's we have lost 97% of our flower-rich habitat, leaving bumblebees hungry and homeless. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to conserving the bumblebee and our mission is to halt and reverse their declines"











So my loves, mark your diaries and tell your friends.

The Lucky Friday sale kicks off on Thursday 26 November 2020

Lucy xo