100% Vegan Friendly Ingredients

Lucky Cloud Skincare has always been 100% vegan friendly

That means no animal products or animal by-products are used in any of our products. Never have. Never will

Whether you've been vegan for years or are starting to look at the impact your diet and lifestyle has on the planet or somewhere in between you might be interested to learn a bit more about vegan ingredients and skincare

How? Why?

While Lucky Cloud isn't Vegan Society certified (yet!) right from the very beginning it was decided to be a 100% vegan friendly brand. That meant a little bit more research about the ingredients I was going to use in the formulas, but they're out there and I tell you what, they're just as good for your skin!

High performance ingredients that come from plants instead of sharks livers, hooves, sheep's wool... ugh, yes please...

Non Vegan Ingredients & Our Swaps

Here are some really common non vegan ingredients to keep an eye out for. I've included their INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name, which is what you'll see written on the ingredient list:

INCI: cera alba 

Beeswax is a super common ingredient in lots of skincare products. You'll usually find it in balms, as it gives products their consistency and firmness. The more wax the harder and thicker the texture.
Wax is really important when making anhydrous products, coz without it your balm will be really soft


Soya Wax // Berry Wax 
INCI: Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
INCI: Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera
We use Soy Wax in our Super Balms and Cleansing Balms and Berry Wax in the Lip Balms. Derived from soy and berry fruit these two waxes give a creamy consistency and keep the products from going too soft and squidgy.


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INCI: lanolin cera

Lanolin is a naturally occurring oily wax that is extracted from sheep’s wool (think of it like their natural protective barrier that keeps their wool soft). It’s used mainly for its occlusive emollient properties in moisturisers, soaps and haircare. It locks in moisture, so it’s fab for dry, flaky skin conditions.


Shea Butter // Cocoa Butter //  Coconut Oil
INCI: Butyrospermum parkiiI
INCI: Theobroma Cacao
INCI: Cocos nucifera

We love rich butters like Shea and Cocoa butter, which give beautiful nourishment and protection to your skin and act as an occlusive emollient, locking in moisture!

You’ll find these butters in the Soothing Super Balm, Hydrating Super Balm, Sold Soap Bars and our Lip Balms!


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Tallow  // Lard
INCI: tallow or Sodium Tallowate (when in soap)
INCI: lard or sodium lardate (when in soap)

Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat that has been used for centuries in cooking, soap making as well as in animal feed. There are a lot of historic soap recipes that still call for tallow; it creates a long lasting, hard soap, has good lathering properties and is inexpensive. While lard or pig fat produces a creamy stable lather and is mildly moisturising to the skin.


Shea Butter // Coconut Oil
INCI: Butyrospermum parkii
INCI: Cocos nucifera

When it comes to soap making, we obviously have chosen not to use tallow or lard; instead you’ll find shea & coconut butters (as well as lots of lovely liquid oils) to give our solid cleansing bars their creamy, bubbly moisturising lather!

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INCI: squalene

This is a tricky one, that you ned to pay attention to!
Squalene (ene) was traditionally derived from sharks’ livers. While it’s not that common to find this version these days, it’s worth noting.


INCI: squalane

When spelled squalane (ane) is vegan friendly, derived from olives! It’s super lightweight and gives a beautiful, spreadable texture to any product. You’ll find this gorgeous oil in our Balancing Facial Oil

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INCI: hydrolyzed keratin

Keratin is a protective protein; it comes from feathers, horns and wool of different animals. It’s usually used in haircare products and is what gives great shine to your locks! Lots of keratin for commercial products are sourced from slaughterhouses.


INCI: hydrolyzed wheat protein / hydrolyzed soy protein / hydrolyzed corn protein
While we don’t use keratin in our products (obvs), we also don’t use these plant alternatives. The only reason, we don’t make haircare products!

Look out for hydrolyzed wheat / soy / corn proteins on ingredient lists to make sure you’re getting the vegan alterative!


Any questions? Just get in touch!

Lucy (she/her)
Founder, Lucky Cloud Skincare