Wash Your Hands 🧼

Reduce your plastic waste today with this luxurious and nourishing handmade soap bar!

Choosing skincare online can be difficult... you can't smell, touch or test the product. How will you know if you like it?!

Well, I'm here to help my love! 
While I can't offer smell-o-vision yet (dang it!), I can demonstrate how incredible our natural soap bars are at foaming, lathering and cleansing your mitts.

So sit back and watch this solid bar of soap turn into the creamiest, bubbliest soap you've ever used! 

It’s like a bubble bath for your hands 😉



Each bar is hand-made and hand-cut and hand-stamped in our Edinburgh workshop; before being packaged in recycled and sustainably sourced kraft boxes (which are printed with eco-friendly toners 🌏)

100% recyclable and biodegradable plastic free packaging

Have you ditched the plastic hand washes and shower gels yet?


Lucy (she/her)
Founder, Lucky Cloud Skincare


PS - interested in learning more about our sustainability ethos? Click here for more info about the packaging, ingredients and manufacturing choices and processes...


Row of Skincare Images from Lucky Cloud Skincare Instagram