But what about waterproof mascara?

I get asked this question a lot. People just like you dear reader want to know if our Cleansing Balms will actually remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

Here's the thing..  with waterproof make-up and mascara you actually need an oil based cleanser to remove it properly.


Because pretty much all make-up is anhydrous, which means it contains no water. Make up is usually made with oils, waxes, mica powders (for colour) and other ingredients to help the product do what it's supposed to do.

Enter Cleansing Balms: your perfect match for removing any makeup, dirt and grime!

Because they're oil based they dissolve makeup just like magic - and yes, that  includes stubborn waterproof mascara.

This means less scrubbing and rubbing around your eyes, protecting delicate undereye skin from damage.



Wanna see them in action?!

Check out these two Instagram Reels for product demonstrations!