Wee Edinburgh Coffee & Chat: The Podcast

A wee while ago I was asked by Marti from Wee Bit Social if I'd be interested in being on her podcast.

As someone who can who can talk endlessly about almost anything, I jumped at the chance!

This would be my first podcast interview and what better way to start than be interviewed by a fellow Aussie?!

Marti and I had a super fun chat about Edinburgh, small businesses, the holistic approach to life, things from Australia that we miss, skin quizzes and big wicks

I was asked to talk about some of my fave local independent businesses, so of course I gave a shout out to the women I adore and who have worked (or work) down the hall from me and been a constant source of inspiration. Love yas!

Studio Emma

Design studio specialising in pigmented, cast concrete
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Emily Millichip

Maximalist fashion and homewares, designed and made at her Edinburgh seaside studio.
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MAiK Lifestyle

A range of design-led, ethical socks for everyday living
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