2 Simple Questions To Find Out if You Should be Double Cleansing

What is double cleansing?
And should you be doing it?

What is double cleansing?

Simply put, double cleansing is literally washing your face. Twice.
Often with two different types of cleanser, but to be honest you can use the same one twice. The important thing is that you're giving you skin a really good clean. It's a game changer for your skin health

First Cleanse: is to remove the bulk of your make-up, spf and when you start to lift daily dirt and grime

Second Cleanse: is to actually wash your skin  

It's recommended you start with an oil based cleanser and can follow up with a lighter water based (or powder) cleanser. However, there's no reason why you can't use the same cleanser again. Especially if money is tight.

Do you need to double cleanse everyday? Twice a day?!
Yes and No.

It might feel like a chore to be washing your face so often.
So here's the low down. You only need to be double cleansing in the evening. 
Your morning routine can be left alone to a single light face cleanse.
And here's the extra scoop - you only need to be double cleansing if you're wearing make-up and or SPF. 

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Benefits of double cleansing:

Ok, so we've established what double cleansing is and when you need to do it.  but whyyyyy?

Removes stubborn make-up

Most make-up is oil based and is designed to stay put for a number of hours. Even if it doesn't? You're quite likely to reapply it throughout the day. Topping up a powder, blush or lipstick? I know I do.
When it comes to the end of the day all that make-up you've been applying, is gonna be mixed in with sweat and dead skin cells. Double cleansing ensures that all traces of make-up has gone and you're not sleeping on it.

Get the best from your other skincare products

There's a good chance that you've invested in some pretty special skincare products, creating your ideal skin rituals. So you're going to want those products to perform at their absolute best right?
When you double cleanse you're starting with a gorgeously clean slate meaning your active serums, treatments, facial oils and moisturisers are all going to sink in to fresh skin and do their absolute best

Imagine if you never cleaned your frying pan properly, leaving bits of last nights dinner on it and then started cooking a new meal the next day? Yuck.

Removes dead skin cells and general grime

When washing your face it's not just make-up and spf you're removing.
It also clears away general dirt and grime that's built up during the day; sweat and sebum - all of which can block your pores and lead to duller skin that's congested and generally looking a bit meh.

So if you're looking for healthier, brighter skin then give double cleansing a try!

How to double cleanse:

So you're now super keen to start double cleansing right?! I mean, now that you know the benefits of super duper clean, fresh skin who wouldn't?!

First Cleanse
Grab an oil based cleanser like the Balancing Cleansing Balm or Nourishing Cleansing Balm. Oil cleansers don't strip the natural oils (aka sebum) from your skin, so you won't be left with any dry, tight feelings.

  • Scoop out balm (with dry hands) and warm between your fingers
  • Apply to dry skin and gently massage over face, neck and eyes
  • Remove with a damp, warm cloth (not HOT)
  • Lightly pat dry

Second Cleanse
Ok, so you can repeat the same process above with the same cleanser. OR, you can grab a Purifying 3-in-1 Cleanser + Mask. This will be more a slightly more refreshing cleanse.

This second cleanse is where you're washing your skin, rather than the removal of make-up, spf etc. Give your skin a good massage to boost circulation

  • Shake a small amount into the palm of your hand
  • Slowly add drops of water, one at a time and mix together to create a paste
  • The more water you add, the thinner the cleanser will become
  • Massage over dry face and add more water to activate lather
  • Rinse off with warm water to reveal bright, super soft skin

Not sure where to start? Why not try a discovery kit? You get a set of 5 products, which are perfect to trial new products! Choose from the Nourishing Discovery Kit for dry skin or the Balancing Discovery Kit for combination skin.


Lucy Cardwell
Founder, Lucky Cloud Skincare





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